Terror Of Flies In The Villages Of Hardoi, Relationships Of Youth Are Breaking, Boys Are Sitting Bachelor


Terror of flies in the villages of Hardoi, relationships of youth are breaking, boys are sitting bachelor

Flies Problem in Hardoi
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Youths are unable to get married in villages Kuia Badhayanpurwa, Patti, Salempur Fatepur, Dahhi and Nayagaon of development block Ahirori in Hardoi district for three years due to flies. Not only here, those who have got married, their wives are not coming from their maternal homes.

They say that it is difficult to live in the village because of the flies. In such a situation, first there should be fewer flies, only then it would be possible to go to the in-laws house. A population of about 20 thousand lives in these villages of the area. According to the villagers, there is a poultry farm on the Pratap Nagar-Hardoi road near Badhaiyanpurwa.

Due to this, dirt remains there and dead chickens are thrown around there. Due to this the number of flies has increased there, which enter inside the houses in the village. Due to this, cooking and eating is also difficult. Due to the flies, people have started keeping distance from the people living in the village.