The condition of ‘Aashiqui girl’ Anu Aggarwal became like this after becoming a monk, she did not wear cold clothes even in 5 degree temperature


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Anu Aggarwal

Actress Anu Aggarwal became an overnight star with the film ‘Aashiqui’. After this film, people knew Anu Aggarwal by the name of ‘Aashiqui Girl’. But an accident ruined the life of ‘Aashiqui Girl’. Let us tell you that in the year 1999, Anu Aggarwal had a big accident. Because of which she went into coma.

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In an interview, Anu Aggarwal told that she used to live in an ashram before the accident, where she was taking spirituality and her name was also different. After the accident, he only remembered his spiritual name. He retired in 2001. Also he had shaved his head. He told that he has gone through a lot of difficulties these days. She had gone to live in the mountains. Also, she told that when she became a monk, she used to live in 5 degree temperature. There they didn’t even have a geyser. Also, he had only two pairs of clothes and a sweater. He has spent many years of his life in these two pairs of clothes.

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Please tell that Anu Aggarwal has cured herself with yoga. She now follows this lifestyle. She sleeps and eats according to this time. In 1997, Anu took admission in the university.

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