The Grand Union of Sun and Saturn in Capricorn: Discover its impact on Aries, Leo, Taurus

The Grand Union of Sun and Saturn in Capricorn: Discover its impact on Aries, Leo, Taurus

In real life, the meeting of father and son is always an emotional feel and fuels the new zeal of enthusiasm in a relationship. On similar lines, the father and son i.e., Sun and Saturn of the cosmic world will be meeting each other in the sign of Son (Saturn) i.e., Capricorn after around three decades. The sun’s entry into the sign of Capricorn is celebrated in all parts of India with different names like Makar Sakranti. This year’s sun transit has acquired special significance because after a long time, Sun will be present in Capricorn along with Saturn. This coexistence of Sun and Saturn in the sign of Saturn is not an excellent situation since both planets face each other with differences and command an inimical view of each other. 

So, we have Sidhharrth S Kumaar an Astro Numerologist here to spell out the repercussions of this for your zodiac sign. In Vedic astrology, the transit of the Sun in Capricorn in the enemy sign will not be that inauspicious. In the Kaal Purush Kundli, Capricorn resides in the 10th house, and when the Sun reaches the 10th house, it is also considered powerful. Hence, it should be a mixed period. Furthermore, the father-son duo of Sun and Saturn will be conjoined by retrograde mercury in the same sign. 

The union of three planets in Capricorn will impact each person. Let us peep into its effect on India at large: 

  • People will increase the capacity to work hard and achieve success, especially in careers; however, people in not good dasha now may feel over exhausted and lose motivation as well.
  • In the stock market, crude oil, FMCG, Banking Sector and Bullions (Gold and Silver) will see volatility with the price rise in the short term.
  • This period may be accompanied by some rumours and false information getting circulated at an extremely fast pace; I would advise each one to exercise a word of caution before relying on any information.
  • This trine union of planets may lead to natural calamities like landslides, cloud bursts, snowfall, heavy rains, fire-related hazards and, scuffles on the border. This is likely to happen across India
  • The cases of corona will be on the rise and will grow exponentially during this period. 
  • The union budget will be pro-people, and there will be new incentives and benefits, especially for the working class across segments. 

Now, let us peep into the impact of this on each zodiac sign (moon signs) below: 


This transit will bring good luck in career, name, and fame which will ultimately be highly favourable for you.


This sun’s transit will bring luck, spirituality, and international journeys. There are chances of an international tour. The desire to go on a vacation will increase, increasing the expenses. Take care of your relationship with your father and his health. There are chances you could face some issues in that area.

Taurus zodiac sign


If you are working in a partnership, you might witness some profit. Also, you need to take care of your health. If you are looking for ancestral properties, you might be in luck.

Gemini zodiac sign


This time will witness a lot of things in your romantic area. You might feel sad in terms of your relationship with your partner. For that, you are advised to remain calm and patient. You need to take responsibility for your personal and professional life.

Cancer zodiac sign


Career looks good in cards; you might also get a promotion or some new responsibility at the workplace. Also, take care of your health as you might get some health issues. But you will recover soon. You need to maintain a regular exercise regime during this time.

Leo zodiac sign


Do not invest in the share market. It is not a very suitable time. Children might face some medical issues during this time, and adults may go through some issues in their love life.

Virgo zodiac sign


You may encounter some problems career-wise, and you may also witness some obstacles in your love life. Take good care of your health as any prolonged illness may cause you pain. Your mother’s health might also get worse.

Libra zodiac sign


Personal or professional trips are on cards. You might have some issues with your siblings during this time. Be very careful in handling the relations. Also, sign on official papers carefully.

scorpio zodiac sign


You are likely to experience an unexpected financial gain. Be careful of your personal and professional relations with people. Take care of your health. Some health issue related to the eye or throat is on the cards.

sagittarius zodiac sign


You may have some ego clashes with your father and you are also likely to experience a lot of fame in your career. People in the government field will be benefited. You may face some ups and downs financially and you need to take special care of your health during this phase.

Capricorn zodiac sign


Control your anger and ego as you are likely to get into a dispute. You may face some challenges professionally. There is a chance to experience some mental health and sleep issues. Be careful of your health in general.


Do not trust anyone blindly. You might get cheated. Your children would perform well in academics, and if you are a student yourself, you will get amazing exam results too.

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