The Princess Diaries Funny Moments Ranked List


Michael playing with M&M’s on his keyboard was a cultural reset.

This may come as a complete shock because time seems unreal, but the iconic ’00s classic The Princess Diaries turned 21 years old today, July 29!

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I was 6 years old when this movie premiered, and my brain can’t fully process that!!

The story follows Mia Thermopolis, a 15-year-old girl from San Francisco whose world gets flipped upside down after her estranged grandmother comes into town and informs her that she’s a real-life princess who needs to ascend to the throne of Genovia.

Of course, in classic 2000s teen comedy fashion, many hilarious shenanigans then ensue after this revelation. So, to honor this legendary film, I ranked the top funniest moments that I still quote to this day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


When Mia awkwardly dropped the priceless jewelry box Clarisse gifted her:

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I mean, who among us hasn’t dropped and almost destroyed a centuries-old family heirloom?


When Mia played with her eyebrows in front of her mirror as she put off getting ready for school:

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I used to, and still do, wish I had eyebrows this magnificent. 


When Mia tried to angrily close the door on her mother and grandmother, but it didn’t have the desired effect because the “door” was a trapdoor on the ceiling:

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You’re absolutely lying if you say that you didn’t want to live in a firehouse after seeing this movie.


When Clarisse expertly got herself and Mia out of legal trouble by pretending to knight the driver of the trolley they hit with their car and the cop who was about to take them downtown:

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We love a queen who uses her power for evil sometimes.


When Mia hit Josh in the groin with a softball in an act of revenge after he continued to mock her just days after humiliating her on national television:

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Honestly, he deserved to be hit with a softball every day of his life!! He ASSAULTED Mia! He’s lucky he’s not in JAIL!


When vice principal Gupta tried (see: failed) to be cool after getting word that Clarisse was on her way to her office:

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Totally chill and cool. You totally can’t see the sheer panic in her eyes.


When Mia’s first dinner party with dignitaries and members of parliament included setting someone’s arm on fire, accidentally burning her mouth on a frozen palate cleanser, and breaking a crystal glass:

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After seeing how awkward Mia was up to this point, those royals are lucky to not have lost a full body part.


When Joe tried to instruct Mia in the art of dance and she paid him back with an elbow to the stomach:

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This is why when someone tells you they have two left feet, believe them!!


When Clarisse was trying to lead princess lessons, but Mia wasn’t taking it seriously at all:

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The amount of times I quote the “shlump” line is unreal. This scene was pure comedy gold.


When Mia drove her barely working car uphill in San Francisco and made this iconic face as she and Clarisse rolled backward into traffic:

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I think we can all agree that we made this exact face when learning to drive.


When Mia broke the finger off a statue in her grandmother’s foyer and tried to get rid of the evidence inconspicuously:

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I mean, putting it in the statute’s mouth was certainly a choice


When Michael played the keyboard with M&M’s scattered all over it, which is both unsanitary and not conducive to playing music:

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Just imagine how sticky his hands are after every set. Barf!


When Mia hit her gym teacher in the head with a softball during the most iconic throw of all time:

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This scene made me terrified to play softball in gym because I, too, can’t throw a ball straight to save my life.


When Mia continuously ran across the grass at the consulate at which her grandmother resided, despite the numerous warnings, in multiple languages, to not do so:

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They were even nice enough to tell her in several different ways not to do it! How rude!


When Clarisse revealed that Mia was a princess and she took it extremely well:

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An absolute banger of a line that still sets the world on fire to this day.


When a classmate didn’t see Mia sitting on a bench and tried to use her as a seat:

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When Clarisse misinterpreted Mia’s invitation to see the vintage car she was waiting to purchase:

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Julie Andrews’ expression here? Priceless.


When Lilly tried to catch up to Mia and Michael as they made their way to school, and she hilariously dissed two other classmates:

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I mean, in Lilly’s defense, why would you stop and wait for someone you don’t even know? LOL!


When Paolo tried to untangle Mia’s thick, frizzy hair, and it resulted in a brush becoming collateral damage:

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As someone with curly hair, this scene always hits a little too close to home.


When Mia tried to give Joe a nickname and he shut it down immediately:

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Joe: driver, security guard, and comedian. 


And finally, when Mia slipped and fell on the rainy bleachers but took the pain in stride:

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Fun fact about this scene: Anne Hathaway really did fall during this take. The film’s director, Garry Marshall, thought it was “charming” so he decided to keep it, and Anne’s genuine reaction, in the final cut. This cute moment is one of the reasons this movie still endears people to this day: it’s real, honest, and hilarious.

Do you have any other moments from The Princess Diaries that always make you chuckle? Let me know in the comments!

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