There’s A New David Bowie Documentary – Here’s What We Learned About It


If you’re a fan of the iconic David Bowie, you’ve probably watched at least one or two documentaries about his life.

Well, Moonage Daydream is a new cinematic documentary that delves into the life of the legend and his creative process in the most visually stunning of ways.

Here are a few things we learned from watching:

By his own account, David had an unremarkable childhood, and it was his older half-brother, Terry, who introduced him to artists and music that changed his life.

David’s feelings of being an outsider in the world inspired him to create universes in his mind.

David lived in various different cities and spent more time exploring “obscure places” than he did in the music scene.

In Berlin, he wanted to create a new sound, and went into the studio with no preperation.

David was a lot more private when it came to sharing his paintings and sculptures with the world than he was with his music.

David said that when he met Iman, his life became rose-tinged.

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