These Newly Launched Lip Balms Are All Your Lips Need

These Newly Launched Lip Balms Are All Your Lips Need

When it comes to skincare, I’m 100% certain that most of you have your skincare routines on point, no? There might not be a single day when you miss out on your hydrating toner and brightening moisturiser. However, stop and ponder for a while. Do you really take care of every part of your body like this? I think not. In case you couldn’t already figure it out, I’m talking about taking care of your gentle lips.

While our lips do tend to get drier and flakier when winters seem to grace us, there’s no denying that this doesn’t happen to them throughout the year. When we tend to overlook treating our lips the way they deserve to be treated, not only do they begin to peel off, but they also slowly begin to lose their rosy colour and start appearing dull and lifeless. Ugh, who on earth wants that? If you’re wondering what’s the easiest way to pamper your lips, you’ve come to the right place.

Well, like every other person out there, I’m going to remind you how the key to keeping anything hydrated is dialling up your water intake by a notch. Yep, you gotta keep sipping on that bottle. Another easy way to ensure your lips are always in the pink of their health would be to include a moisturising lip balm in your routine. Well, not just your routine, but throughout your day. I’m defo not exaggerating when I say lip balms are a saviour. It’s no secret that the best part about lip balms is how intensely they moisturise and hydrate your lips, preventing any dryness and flakiness. Lip balms also offer protection against the sun when they contain SPF, win-win! And to add a cherry on the top, if you’re a lipstick freak like me, lip balms act as a great lip primer too.

Well, now that you know exactly how important it is to make lip balms your besties, I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. I’ve been using these newly launched lip balms and I gotta tell you, my lips are in heaven.

What Lip Balms Are These?

The lip balms that I’ve been using and loving recently are the MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Color Pop Lip Balms. Just like the name suggests, these lip balms give your lips a perfect pop of colour. After all, who doesn’t love a good wash of colour? Especially on those days when you’re too lazy to put some makeup on, a tinted lip balm always comes in handy. They come in a variety of 6 different shades— Cacao & Vanilla, Rose, Strawberry, Berry, Watermelon and Cherry.

What Do They Look Like?

The Color Pop lip balms from the MyGlamm SUPERFOODS come packaged in a lipstick-style cylindrical tube that needs to be twisted. Each variant has a different tint according to the ingredients, how cool is that! So naturally, the Cacao and Vanilla variant is a clear lip balm. The rose variant comes in a delicate pink while the strawberry one comes with a slightly reddish-pink hue. The berry lip balm has a deep pink tint which looks so natural when applied and the watermelon one comes with a bright red hue. My personal fav is the cherry lip balm which comes with a daring red tint.

What Are The Ingredients In These Lip Balms?

Now that you know these lip balms from MyGlamm come in 6 delicious variants, each with a different ingredient, let’s go a tad bit deeper into how beneficial these ingredients really are!

Cacao & Vanilla

Cacao is a powerful antioxidant that protects and nourishes your lips. And it’s no secret that vanilla is known for its calming and soothing properties.


Renowned for its anti-ageing and collagen-stimulating properties, rose plumps your lips and makes them extremely supple!


Um, does this even need an introduction? Not only are strawberries super hydrating but they also happen to provide a lot of nourishment.


Another renowned antioxidant that has the power to protect the thin skin of your lips from free radicals, berries also deliver a massive dose of moisture to dry lips.


Definitely one of the most hydrating fruits around with 97% water content, watermelon is a great pigmentation fighter too!


Being potent antioxidants, cherries also work brilliantly to revive dull lips. They also strive hard to hydrate and soften chapped lips.

Our Review

I was pretty much sold on these cute lip balms as soon as I saw what the ingredients were. Let’s be real, lip balms have defo been one of the first skincare products that we’ve ever used. I remember I used to carry my lip balm with me everywhere, to school, to classes and even to the movies. They’ve always been a staple in all of my bags, whether it’s a tote or a tiny purse. However, the Color Pop lip balms from the MyGlamm SUPERFOODS range are my new go-to. I love how they happen to be so intensely nourishing on the lips. Psst! I’ve stopped picking on my chapped lips all thanks to them!

And the fact that they come with different coloured tints excites me even more. Hey, on some days using lipstick might seem like too much hard work. That’s where the MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Color Pop lip balms come in handy. If I’m stepping out for some grocery shopping, the rose variant is my fav. If I’m heading out for a last-minute brunch with the girls, the watermelon variant is what I go for. And if I happen to be going on a date, I always use the Cherry variant ( definitely makes your lips supaaah kissable ).

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