Thinking of having an open marriage? Here are 3 tips to make it work

Thinking of having an open marriage? Here are 3 tips to make it work

Some may say that monogamy is a thing of the past or an antiquated means of making a marriage work. However, in reality, people are simply embracing different types of relationships and marriages in the 21st century. Open marriages are one of them. For the uninitiated, this is nothing but a means of being happily wed as a couple, yet being open to the possibility of love and intimacy with others outside their marital bed. If you’re contemplating such a union, here are a few tips you may use to make it work for you and your spouse.

  1. Make sure both of you really want it

On many occasions it is just one spouse who wants such a relationship and the other agrees due to the fear of a breakup. If you are considering this, make sure your partner is 100 per cent on board and not merely agreeing because they fear losing you. If you step into this without being all in, your partner may grow to be depressed or resent you long-term.

  1. Outline the do’s and don’ts

Setting clear rules about what you’re okay with is important. These ground rules will help your partner navigate the rules of intimacy with their new partners. Right from no long-term courtships, to having no mutual acquaintances as lovers or even discussing whether or not you’re fine with same-sex partners; you can discuss what both of you are comfortable with.  

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  1. Debate safety concerns

When one or both partners agree to see other people outside the marriage, you must be careful about not contracting STD’s when there is shared intimacy. A good way to go about it is to speak with your spouse about asking new lovers to get screened for STD’s before engaging in sex. While such conversations may be awkward, it is always better to be safe than be sorry.

Hence you must not shy away from voicing any concerns you may have about the arrangement, so that you may mutually resolve them.

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