THROWBACK: When BTS alum Jimin opened up about working as a team with the Bangtan Boys, music & more

THROWBACK: When BTS alum Jimin opened up about working as a team with the Bangtan Boys, music & more

We are looking back at December 2021, when BTS alum Jimin spoke to Vogue Korea and opened up about his favourite songs, what BTS has in store and much more. Talking about the future and what the band has in store for their ARMY, Jimin shared, “We’re wondering if we should find something new or rearrange what we’ve done until now. Many concerns about what kind of music, style, and dance we should show get mixed up, so there’s a lot we have to solve. A lot of these concerns have come again, so I’m having fun.”


While talking about his favourite song, Jimin shared, “It’s difficult to be satisfied with my singing. I also like songs with a lot of technique, but they’re difficult to control and painful to sing live, so I’m looking for a solution. I’ve basically found my individuality first even though my groundwork isn’t strong. That’s why I’m going back to the beginning—to be simple. That process is difficult but fun because our youngest (Jungkook) is doing well as the main vocalist, and he thinks about the issue with me while having conversations like this. Those conversations and concerns make me happy.”


Gushing about the band and how the Bangtan Boys’ work as a team, Jimi reflected, “We influence each other in all aspects from dancing to singing and performing. We think, ‘Oh, he’s pretty good. I should try it like that.’ Even when there are problems, thinking about why the team exists and for what reason we started the team helps to bring me to my senses again. It was difficult for us at first too. We also fought. It was our first time being a part of society. However, I think it’s a relief that I have the members now. Since I’m young, it’s hard to be honest with my friends, excluding the members. There are many times I don’t like the side of me that seems fake. I like it when I talk with the members because I can be completely honest.”


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