THROWBACK: When BTS’ Jin got candid about sometimes being ‘useless’ & why it's productive

THROWBACK: When BTS’ Jin got candid about sometimes being ‘useless’ & why it's productive

We are looking back at December 2021, when BTS alum Jin spoke to Vogue Korea, and opened up about his life philosophy, music and much more! Talking about his laid-back personality and his approach to life, the singer said: “I’m someone who believes in the usefulness of uselessness. You need to have days that some people might call useless in order to focus better on the days where you do useful things.”


The singer also opened up about his aversion to seriousness, he said: “It’s no fun. Of course, I’m serious about work. But aside from when I’m on stage, I spend about 80 to 90 percent of the time joking around. I think having fun is one of the things that makes it possible for me to work without getting burned out.”


Jin also opened up about his special talents and modestly said: “I’m nothing special, and I’m someone who doesn’t particularly excel at anything. Though people around me don’t think of me that way at all… if I even start to say something like this, they’ll say, ‘How can you say that? You’ve accomplished amazing things.’ But I still have a hard time accepting that. If someone were to ask me what sets me apart from other people, I wouldn’t have much to say other than ‘I’m a member of BTS.’”


When asked about how he keeps moving forward, Jin said: “If I focus on my everyday life, I naturally wind up forgetting and moving forward. In the past, I used to sort of distinguish between BTS’s Jin and the person Kim Seokjin, but I don’t anymore. I think the way I act on TV is the same way I live in real life.”


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