TMKOC, 14 February 2022, Written Update: 'Mahila Mandal’ has a condition for ‘Purush Mandal’

TMKOC, 14 February 2022, Written Update: 'Mahila Mandal’ has a condition for ‘Purush Mandal’

In today’s episode, Champaklal asks Popatlal to share his ordered amla juice. Popatlal gets nervous as there was no amla juice but alcohol. In the pressure, he asks Champaklal to take the bottle to his home and drink in the morning. The Purush Mandal, hiding inside the room, thinks Popatlal has lost his mind. Surprisingly, Champaklal changes his mind and gives back the bottle to Popatlal and says he will taste the juice some other time. Jethalal, who is hiding outside the house, calls Bagha and asks how did he let Champaklal step outside the house. Bagha says he was in the bathroom. He further says he can not stop Champaklal if he goes outside. Jethalal asks Bagha to inform him if Bapuji steps outside.

Jethalal visits Popatlal’s flat and joins his friends. Bhide says Popatlal was so scared that he was asking Champaklal to take the bottle with him, to which he says he was using reverse psychology. Taarak explains that reverse psychology is when a person behaves opposite to the desired one. Jethalal calls Babita to inform her and Mahila Mandal that Bapuji has been convinced with their lies.

Later, Sodhi says everyone’s wives are innocent, and they can easily convince them for parties in the future. Taarak says they can have frequent parties in the future whenever any of his friends get a promotion or a deal. Babita sends a video of Roshan, Anjali, Komal, and Madhvi in which they warn their husbands not to plan for any more parties as this is the last one. As the video ends, Sodhi says he thought their wives were innocent, but they were more intelligent. Again, Mahila Mandal calls and asks for a promise from their husbands that they will not do any more parties in the future. 

On the other hand, Mahila Mandal starts their party with Italian dishes. Bapuji and Bagha begin their party with healthy Gujrati dishes, and Purush Mandal enjoys Indian dishes. Jethalal shows them the 21-year-old bottle of alcohol.

We watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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