TMKOC, 19th January 2022, Written Update: Anjali left heartbroken

TMKOC, 19th January 2022, Written Update: Anjali left heartbroken

In today’s episode, Baba reveals that it was just an act that he performed as directed by Anjali. Anjali says that the person who acted as Baba is her relative. The men of society praise Baba’s acting skills. Bhide asks about the spirit in Madhvi. Madhvi says that she was also acting. Bhide praises her.

Tapu Sena and others question the Mahila Mandal about how they knew Taarak was lying if all of this was staged. In the flashback, while Madhvi and Anjali were returning from the temple in the auto, Anjali cries and blames herself for Taarak’s condition. The auto driver stops and reveals the truth. He is the same auto driver who came to drop Taarak off in society.¬†

Anjali says that she planned this along with Mahila Mandal and Champaklal to teach a lesson to Taarak. She reveals how they all planned this and that Bapuji gave the idea of Babaji. Tapu Sena and Taarak get shocked. Babita and Roshan reveal the rest of the plan. Anjali says that she is going to her parents’ house. Taarak tries to stop her. The society members try to convince Anjali to forgive Taarak. Taarak tries various ways to convince Anjali. Tapu Sena requests Anjali to forgive Taarak. Taarak and Tapu Sena perform situps to persuade Anjali. Anjali gets convinced and says she isn’t going anywhere, but she hadn’t yet forgiven Taarak.

Bapuji says to Anjali that it’s good that she made the decision not to go to her parent’s house, but somehow, even she has made a mistake implementing the diet plan into Taarak‘s routine. The members of the Gokuldham Society help Taarak and Anjali to solve their diet problem.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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