Trincas, Kolkata: The True Story Of Its Journey – And Odyssey Of Historical Events

Trincas, Kolkata: The True Story Of Its Journey – And Odyssey Of Historical Events

There is always a slew of eating places in a city that make their way into almost everyone’s favourite list, but only a few attain the stature of iconic, and even fewer get the epithet of ‘legendary’. Kolkata’s Trincas – a more-than-60-years-old restaurant earned the very same laurels. It thrived decades of transitions in the city from back when it was Calcutta, and flourished to remain the most popular eating places in the city. Housed in the ever-bustling Park Street of Kolkata, Trincas revolutionised the entertainment setting of the city with its ambrosial food and unprecedented live music amid the backdrop of ancient architecture. 

Trincas is one of the three famous restaurants of Park Street winning the heritage tag by the prestigious INTACH (Indian Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). Its origin can be traced back to the British era; and with a pedigree so long and deep, there were bound to be reams of inconsistent stories about its history, shrouded in mystery. Divulging the true tale of the birth and progression of Trincas, co-owner Anand Puri reveals it all.

A Tale Of Different Eras – Trincas’ Journey So Far:

In his blog on the official website of Trincas, Anand Puri lays down the course of events. It all started with Quinto Cinzio Trinca moving from Switzerland to Kolkata India, where he joined hands with Joseph Flury and his wife Freida to start a Swiss Confectionery and Tea Room on Park Street in British Calcutta in 1927. However, in 1939, Cinzio Trinca and wife Lilly stepped out of the Trinca-Flurry partnership and opened Trincas Tea Room and Confectionery right across the street to its current location at 17 Park Street. Then after 20 successful years or running the business, Cinizio Trinca sold the restaurant to Omi Puri (grandfather of Anand Puri) and Ellis Joshua, and moved back to Switzerland in 1960. The helm of the affairs passed on to three generations and the restaurant kept flourishing to earn the prestigious name it has now. 

What changed over the years? Only tales that travelled through generation after generation. 

When asked what really makes Trincas an ever-popular restaurant of Kolkata, Anand Puri told NDTV Food, It is the ‘character’, ‘rich history’, and ‘connection’ that every person residing in Kolkata feels with Trincas, whether through personal experiences or memories of their parents and ancestors. 

Bringing to life the same memories that can be dialed back to the 1930s, Anand Puri has initiated Trincas Timeline Project, which encourages people from all across the globe, who have had any kind of association with Trincas, to share stories, anecdotes, pictures – anything that will add to its legacy. 

Beyond everything else, it is the food that makes a restaurant, and Trincas has managed to win hearts with its great food. To this, Anand Puri adds, My father is credited for introducing Kolkata to Sichuan food for the first time in its Ming Room.” Live floor shows, spirited jazz band on a sunny afternoon, an expansive food menu, and a beautiful ambiance – Trincas offers enough to attract its discerning patrons. 

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