Trisha Paytas Denies Queen Elizabeth Reincarnation


There are many sentences that I, as a writer — nay, as a human being — never thought I’d have to utter. So, strap yourselves in folks: Trisha Paytas denied that she’d given birth to the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II.

If you somehow missed this cursed discourse*, allow me to bring you up to speed: On Wednesday, the controversial social media figure and expectant mother tweeted that she was one centimeter dilated.

Twitter: @trishapaytas

*Not too late to click away!

The following day, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth had died. Naturally, the internet went into a frenzy at the prospect of Trisha giving birth to the reincarnation of the Queen:

you’re laughing. queen elizabeth is about to be reincarnated as trisha paytas’ baby and you’re laughing.

Twitter: @vloggertaika

The memes got so much traction that Trisha herself eventually hopped on to TikTok to confirm that she was, in fact, still pregnant.

“This was attention I did not want,” she began, noting that she had been trying to keep out of the public eye when she saw her name trending on Twitter. “It just felt really weird to say anything, for a number of reasons.”

“There was a great tragedy. I’m a millennial, so it felt weird that people were memeing this death,” she continued. “I just felt like an ultimate disappointment to tell people I’m still pregnant.”

Indeed, being one centimeter dilated doesn’t necessarily mean that labor has started. Saying that she felt “embarrassed” by the attention, Trisha emphasized, “I did not have my baby and there is no reincarnation of the Queen.”

“Ultimately, I was sad for my baby, too — my baby’s not even born and she’s this joke of the internet. Please be kind to my baby, she deserves love and respect.”

What a time to be alive…

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