Udaariyaan, 8th January 2022, Written Update: Angad warns Tejo of the consequences

Udaariyaan, 8th January 2022, Written Update: Angad warns Tejo of the consequences

In today’s episode, Tejo tells Khushbeer that she can never forgive Fateh. Khushbeer gets upset. Fateh notices Tejo crying in the Gurudwara. When he asks her why is she crying, Tejo tells him that her father kept his promise and now he must honour Rupy’s word and stay away from her. Fateh says he respects her father, but that he can’t stay away from her. He confesses his feelings to Tejo. Listening to it, Tejo gets shocked.¬†

Tejo comes home and is surprised to see Angad with her family. He urges her to embrace his love, as this is her only chance to return to him. Angad cautions Tejo of the consequences if she refuses to listen to him. She refuses the proposal and leaves for college.

Fateh arrives at the college hoping to meet Tejo to give her roses. He believes Tejo would be irritated if she sees him, so he leaves the flowers on her desk. He is baffled when he sees Jasmin in college. He follows Jasmine and warns her to stay away from him and Tejo. He says that she will never be able to gain his love. Jasmin says she is here for revenge, and she is not particularly interested in him but in destroying his relationship with Tejo. He gets shocked. She crushes the roses, leaving him frustrated.

Fateh runs to Tejo to see if she is all right. He finds Tejo teaching an extra class. He doesn’t want to leave Tejo alone at the college, especially when Jasmin is nearby. Tejo learns of Fateh’s presence and help. She doesn’t mind his presence, which makes him believe that she will forgive him soon.

Angad approaches Jasmin and informs her that he has no choice but to join hands with her. They discuss their plans.

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