Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Maze Ranking


Crystal: So, I’ve seen the movie Freaky, and for the life of me I don’t remember the Blissfield Butcher’s mask, let alone it being SO SCARY? This maze felt really claustrophobic, so having that awful face jump out at you was, let’s just say, less than pleasant. But you know what’s even MORE unpleasant? Coming face to face with The Grabber from The Black Phone. We were lucky (or unlucky) enough to not have people right in front of us going into this half of the maze, so I was on high alert when we entered The Grabber’s house. My only complaint for this one would be that I wish The Black Phone half of the maze had been longer. Scariness: 4/5, Creativity: 3.5/5

Darren: This was front-loaded with lots of Freaky, which was well done but not too scary. Though I did get sprayed with liquid from the mouth of a man choking on a wine bottle, so that’s always…fun? LOL. But when it transitioned into The Black Phone, I was immediately shocked by one of the Grabbers inches from my face and was literally crouched on the ground like a little baby. Screaming and giggling. LOL! I could have used more Black Phone, and I really wanted to see a shirtless Ethan Hawke double sitting in the kitchen with his belt off, but it must’ve been his lunch break. The production design all around on this maze was very good. Scariness 2/5, Creativity: 3/5

Scare rating: 6/10

Creativity Rating: 6.5/10

TOTAL: 6.25/10

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