Up :Liquor will be expensive in UP, increase in excise license fees, government will raise 45 thousand crore revenue – Liquor Will Be Expensive In Up, Increase In Excise License Fees



On Saturday, under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the cabinet approved the new excise policy. In the Excise Policy 2023-24, the license fee of liquor and beer shops has been increased by ten percent. The government has set a target of collecting revenue of about Rs 45 thousand crore from the Excise Department in the next financial year. This is five thousand crore more than the target of last year. Due to the provisions made in the excise policy, the prices of country, English and premium brand liquor may increase by five to ten rupees.

Important things about the new policy…

  • Opening and closing time of country and English liquor, beer shops and model shops have been kept unchanged in the policy. But on special occasions, the time of sale can be increased with the prior permission of the government.
  • The license fee of model shop has been increased from two lakh to three lakh. In such a situation, you may have to pay more for drinking alcohol there.
  • There will also be renewal of licenses of country, foreign liquor, beer, cannabis shops and model shops. The processing fee and renewal fee for its application has been increased.
  • Residual shops and model shops from renovation will be allotted through e-lottery. After three phases of e-lottery, allotment of remaining shops will be done through e-tender.
  • There has been no change in the maximum quantity of liquor for purchase, transportation and personal possession for home license. Apart from this, the license fee and security of godowns have been increased. The registration and renewal fees of master warehouses have also been increased.
  • The license fee of hotels, restaurants and clubs located within the jurisdiction area of ​​Noida, Municipal Corporation area of ​​Lucknow and Ghaziabad and up to five km from its periphery has also been increased. Drinking alcohol will be more expensive here.

Some more points…

  • Good plastic caps are permissible for pet bottles, like mineral water
  • It will be mandatory to use shrink cap on country liquor bottles
  • Quota (MGQ) of country liquor shops increased by 10 percent
  • Foreign beer will be costlier, permit fee increased to Rs 175 per liter
  • Wholesale license will also be renewed on last year’s terms
  • Country liquor can be sold in glass, treta and pet bottles