Us Shooting: Now gunman shot 21 people in convenience store in Yakima, Washington, three killed – Us 3 Killed In Random Shooting At Convenience Store In Yakima Washington


US Police

US Police
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The process of shooting and killing in America continues unabated. At least three people have been killed in a shooting at a convenience store in the city of Yakima, Washington state.

Police officials said the gunman suddenly shot 21 people at a store. The assailant fled from the spot soon after the attack. The Yakima Police Department was called to the Circle’s store on the east side of town at approximately 3:30 p.m. following the incident. Police recovered the bodies of three people outside and inside the store. The police officer said there was no apparent struggle between the victims and the gunman.

Seven people were killed in Half Moon Bay, Northern California

Yakima is a city in Washington with approximately 96,000 people. The incident resulted in the region becoming the most recent in the US to tackle gun violence in the first few weeks of 2023. The tragic incident took place on Tuesday, hours after two shootings were reported in the Half Moon Bay area in Northern California in the United States, leaving seven people dead and one critically injured.