USA midfielder Giovanni Reyna almost sent home from the World Cup


United States of america midfielder Giovanni Reyna I was almost sent home from the World Cup Queue Sources told ESPN that the lack of effort in training and in pre-tournament scrimmages against Qatari side Al Gharafa SC.

Reyna, 20, didn’t start a single game for the US in Qatar, but played the entire second half of their final match — a 3-1 defeat To Netherlands In the round of 16. Sources said that Reyna apologized to the entire team for her lack of effort.

US manager Greg Berhalter made the disclosure after speaking at the How Institute for Society’s summit on ethical leadership in New York on Tuesday. His comments were later published in a newspaper by charter worksIn which he said that America had “one player who was clearly not living up to expectations on and off the field. One of 26 players, so this one stood out. As a staff, we sat down together and thought- We discussed what we were going to do. This player. We were ready to book plane tickets home, that was how extreme it was.

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Berhalter continued: “What it came down to, we’re going to have another conversation with him, and part of the conversation was how we’re going to deal with it from here on out. There’s not going to be any more violations. But The other thing we said to her was that you have to apologize to the group, but say why you’re apologizing. It has to go deeper than just ‘friends.’ I’m sorry.” And I lined up the leadership group with that. I said, ‘Okay, this guy is going to apologize to you as a group, to the whole team.'”

MLS The player was first identified as Reyna, with athletic reporting that Reyna was nearly sent home, and his playing time was affected due to his performance in training.

Reached via text message, Berhalter issued the following statement to ESPN: “It’s not really important who it was. What’s important is that the group had very clear standards and if the standards were not being met So they were willing to communicate. Sometimes that communication leads to positive change and a clear path forward.”

Berhalter later said that the presentation should have come off the record.

Reyna’s playing time – or lack thereof – was the subject of intense scrutiny throughout the tournament. failed to field against waleswith Jordan Morris The last option used by Berhalter 1-1 draw, Afterwards, Berhalter said he felt Morris’ “speed and power” could give something to the team, and later made reference to “a little bit of stiffness” Reyna experienced last Thursday after Al Ghrafa .

Reyna had struggled with injuries over the past 14 months, including a hamstring injury, but he told the assembled media after the Wales game That was “100 percent”.

“I feel really good. I feel great,” Reyna said. “I feel fine. [Berhalter] I don’t need him to tell me why he didn’t hire me or why he does.”

Shortly thereafter, Reyna was confronted by coaches and teammates and eventually apologized.

“The fantastic thing about this whole thing is that after they apologized, one by one they stood up and said, ‘Listen, that’s not good enough, you’re not living up to our expectations of a teammate and we want to see change,'” Berhalter said during his speech. “He really took ownership of that process. And from that day there was no problem with this player.”

Temperature around Reyna’s playing time England The game was when former US international Eric Wynalda said in a Twitter space exchange with the Los Angeles Times that there was an “internal struggle”. He later stated on his Sirius XM Radio show that Berhalter had lied to the media and told Reyna to lie as well.

Wynalda later retracted some of his comments.

Reyna played seven minutes 0-0 draw against England and 1-0 win above Iran,

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