Valentine’s Day 2022: 6 Flower Bouquets and cake combos for your wife who works hard all day

Valentine’s Day 2022: 6 Flower Bouquets and cake combos for your wife who works hard all day

If your wife is your support system, your pillar of strength, your partner in crime and your best friend, then it is time to show her just how much you love and appreciate her this Valentine’s Day. With balancing her work life and personal life, your wife is a literal superwoman. Pamper her with some flowers and cake this Valentine’s and show her your eternal love that you cannot always express. 


Red Rose Bunch with Truffle Cake 


You can never go wrong with a bunch of classic red roses and a yummy chocolate truffle cake. This combo of classics is sure to put the biggest smile on your wife’s face. 


Price: Rs.2899

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Red Rose Basket with Pineapple Butterscotch Cake 


If your wife is not a fan of chocolates and is more into fruity cakes, this delicious pineapple butterscotch cake is something she will actually devour. The combo also comes with a beautiful rose basket that will just make her day! 



Price: Rs.2449

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Orchids Carnation Glass Vase with Cake 


If you do not want to follow the mainstream route with a red rose bouquet, then you can choose an orchid carnation that comes in a glass vase. Orchids represent thoughtfulness, beauty, charm and love – all the adjectives that can describe your wife. This combo also comes with a delicious, creamy KitKat cake. 



Price: Rs.1699

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Red Roses and Black Forest 


Who doesn’t like a black forest cake? If your wife is an old-school romantic and finds sheer happiness in classics, then this combo is just perfect for her! It features an amalgamation of red blossoms oozing out love, a teddy brimming tremendously with cuteness and moist black forest cake crowned with a pool of cherries and delectable chocolate shavings. 



Price: Rs.1499

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Pink Chocolate Pinãta Ball Cake with Roses 


If you want to gift your wife something that is as unique as her, then this pink pinãta cake is just perfect! It’s outer shell looks like marble. Your wife has to break it, and let a delicious floral-surprise cake greet her. It’s all chocolate, comes with a hammer, and a tag. The cake also comes with 2 beautiful blush pink roses and a ferrero rocher chocolate. 



Price: Rs.1499

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Wrapped In Love Vase Arrangement with Cake 


This beautiful combo features a loving arrangement of individually wrapped red roses. The flowers come in a square glass vase with a dracaena leaf. It also comes with a delicious and rich valentine special cake that has ‘Be Mine’ written on it. This combo is a great way to attain that old-school spark in your marriage again.



Price: Rs.1445

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