Valentine’s Day 2022: Sahil Salathia Opens Up About The Idea Of Love & The Importance Of Today

Valentine’s Day 2022: Sahil Salathia Opens Up About The Idea Of Love & The Importance Of Today

Sahil Salathia makes me fall in love with him every single day with the charm he exudes on social media. Be it his innocent dimpled smile, his sparkling eyes or the way he shatters male fashion stereotypes, Sahil always finds his way into my heart. Recently, his heart-shaped nail paint ahead of Valentine’s Day had found a lot of love amongst his fans. So, today being the day of love, I thought of taking about this day and the emotion behind it with the actor, and as the actor opens up about it, it’s all things beautiful.

Source: instagram | @sahilgsalathia

Sahil’s idea of Valentine’s Day…

“My idea of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love. But I think we shouldn’t limit it to just 14 February. I think it should be celebrated round the year. But it’s nice to have a particular day for something this special. Love essentially does not mean for somebody who you are involved with romantically, this day could be about celebrating love with your friends, mom, dad, your dog, or whoever the brand ambassador of love is in your life. You should make them feel special on this day.”

The meaning of love for Sahil…

“Love is a very personal thing for me. I don’t think anybody can really define it, but for me, it is that feeling that completes you, that makes you selfless. If you feel very driven to be with somebody whole-heartedly without any ulterior motives, and if that person completes you and supports you, then that is love for me.”

Source: instagram | @sahilgsalathia

The first time he fell in love…

“I am not too sure when I first fell in love, but I was in school probably. When I was in third or fourth grade, I felt love for my English teacher. It’s like when you are a kid, your teachers are the ones you look up to. So, I am not sure if it was love or admiration. Or maybe it could be both of them combined since you feel that infatuation for them and at the same time you respect them.”

Evolution in the definition of love for him…

“I don’t think my definition of love has changed at all but I totally understand that we all have very relative meanings of love. For me, it is something that completes you, where you feel selfless. If you complete each other and make each other happy, then that’s what love is to me when it comes to being romantically inclined.”

Source: instagram | @sahilgsalathia

5 words that describe love for Sahil…

“Selfless, reliable, honest, real and personal. You define your love in your way and it’s all valid.”

Talking to Sahil about love has made me feeling all the more mushy for the actor. Seeing the purity of emotions in his eyes and in his words has just won my heart over. While I wait to see him on screen next, I am revisiting those amazing glimpses of his life that he shares with all of us on social media.

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