Valentine’s Day cards for your girlfriend or wife who loves old school romance

Valentine’s Day cards for your girlfriend or wife who loves old school romance


Nothing is as romantic as a personalised note that reads out exactly what your heart hesitates to say. This Valentine’s Day, make your gifts more real and authentic with these greeting cards that will definitely make your lady love fall in love with you again. Greeting cards have a special romantic touch to them. It’s also one of those gifts that your girl can keep with you forever and relive that beautiful moment anytime in the future. Just like photo frames, these cards too hold a special feeling and freeze the moment. Here are 5 beautiful cards for you to choose from.


Romantic Card


This beautiful card features different shades of red symbolising that love is not always a bed of roses but you are ready to face anything that comes in your way together. It’s a simple and beautiful card perfect for telling someone just how much you love them.

Price: Rs 275

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Valentine’s special card


If the first one doesn’t seem convincing enough for you, this classy card with calligraphic writings surely will. This can also be your ‘The Card’ in which you can make your proposal. Trust me, confessing your love with a card is more special than a casual WhatsApp text which she won’t even take seriously.


Price: Rs 349

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Pop-up card

Here is a lovely pop-up card for your wife who has been with you for the thick and thin of your life. Do you wonder whether gifting her a greeting card would be so little? Well, it’s little things that matter and a romantic greeting card for your wife will be an unexpected surprise that’ll boast about to her friends and family.


Price: Rs 225

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Box pop-up card’


Spruce up the surprise element with this box card in which you can include memorable photos of you two and write special notes. The box opens up to reveal some beautiful memories and a surprise gift in the centre – a golden everlasting rose. It’s a perfect gift for this rose day. 


Price: Rs 725

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Heart-shaped card 


This heart-shaped card gives you more room to add your own quotes and wordings apart from the printed romantic texts on it. It screams love in every angle and will be a memorable and meaningful gift for your girl.


Price: Rs 725

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