Valentine’s Day Special: These 7 Creator Couples Celebrating The Day Of Love Would Probably Melt Your Heart

Valentine’s Day Special: These 7 Creator Couples Celebrating The Day Of Love Would Probably Melt Your Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day and our feed is screaming love, celebrations, and joy currently. We love how creator couples are celebrating their relationships by sharing Reels, pictures, and videos for us and we honestly can’t stop smiling with glee looking at them. These posts have really made our day better and we’re that they’ll melt your heart too with their utter cuteness. Now, scroll your way through how the creators are celebrating V-day.

‘Let’s fall in love’…

1. Anirudh Sharma & Mrunal Panchal

The goofy and playful couple, ‘Mrunirudh‘ posted one of their clicks from their trip to Paris and we can’t stop smiling. Ngl, our cheeks are a lil’ pink with all the blushing. Also, this picture is extra special since it’s a BTS from Anirudh’s song which was a gift for Mrunu. How romantic, haina?

2. Manav Chhabra & Unnati Malharkar

These cuties celebrated their love in the most romantic way. With champagne, red roses, and chocolates, Manav clearly knows how to sweep his lady off her feet. Just imagine us in Salman Khan’s ‘heart reflective sunglasses’ from Dabangg, ‘cuz we got only love in our eyes for this ‘aww-dorable‘ couple.

3. Zaid Darbar & Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan shared a throwback picture from #TheGaZaWedding wishing Zaid but honestly, it’s a gift to us. We love how bright and contagious their smiles are! Ngl, the hashtag, ‘#Couple Goals‘ belongs to this phenomenal jodi and we absolutely love them to our core.

4. Kritika Khurana & Aditya Chhabra

ThatBohoGirl posted this gorgeous picture of her cute lil’ family calling it ‘home’ and we’re absolutely in love with it. Honestly, we love how ‘paw-fect‘, to-be Mr. & Mrs. Chhabra look together. All we can say now is, jaldi shaadi kar lo, hehe.

5. Savi & Vid

As they say, happiness is traveling with your partner, right? On Valentine’s day, Savi & Vid aka @bruisedpassports have listed out all the places around the globe that they’ve traveled together in the caption. Tbh, these breathtakingly beautiful pictures in their carousel are giving us a serious case of FOMO.

6. Sakshi Sindwani & Raghav Arora

Sakshi shared really beautiful pictures of herself and her boyfriend, Raghav Arora along with her dog, Ollie and they’re super cute to miss out on. We can’t help but gush over how ‘paw-dorable‘ they’re together. Ngl, we can’t get enough of their cuteness.

7. Diksha Rawat & Vishnu Kaushal

Haha, Vishnu Kaushal asking us to pick a ‘valentine’s costume’ for Diksha is making us laugh out loud. However, this transition Reel is absolute fire and we love all the outfits she’s wearing here. But if we do have to pick one, it would defo be the red dress ‘cuz it’s the colour of love and that is what this day is about.

Aren’t they all so cute? Thu Thu, nazar na kage inhe. On that note, we wish y’all a very happy Valentine’s Day and hope that y’all are vaccinated and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.

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