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Doha, Qatar — United States of america Men’s national team manager Greg Berhalter said that the midfielder christian pulisic Feeling “very good” to take part in Saturday’s World Cup round of 16 match against NetherlandsHowever, he will need confirmation from Friday’s training session.

Pulisic is suffering from a pelvic injury which he sustained as he scored the only goal of the game lost 1-0 of Iran,

fifa world cup 2022 knockout bracket

The US midfielder completed half, but eventually had to be substituted.

“We’re going to see him on the training ground today,” Berhalter said at Friday’s news conference. “What do I think, it looks great, but we will have to see him on the pitch today to confirm that.”

Pulisic told the assembled media on Thursday that he would “Everything in My Power” But in an exclusive interview with ESPN’s Sam Borden, he indicated that he would not be able to play the full 90 minutes.

“I’m going to do everything in power with this staff and medical team to make sure that for however long I can be out there on the field, I’ll be out there giving my 110 percent, no matter what.” So be it,” he said.

“Because I owe it to this game, I owe it to this team, I owe it to my country. I’m going to do everything I can.”

Berhalter was less optimistic on what’s next josh sargent Which was thrown out of Iran’s game in the 77th minute.

There is “pain in the right ankle” according to a US Soccer Federation spokesperson.

“That’s another one we’re going to test in training,” Berhalter said of Sgt. “Let’s see where he’s at. I think with Christian, we’re hopeful. I think [Sargent]bit less.

“But we’ll see. I mean, he’s going to test, he’s going to have the goat this time. At this stage it’s time. If you can, if you can push through it, you do .. So I’m sure he’ll have that mindset.”

Berhalter was also asked about the role of Giovanni ReynaJoe stayed on the field for only 11 minutes during the tournament.

“If you look at how the games have unfolded, we have had the edge and are looking to keep the edge in later games,” he said.

“The only game we didn’t have that scenario, we actually put him on to help us get the win. So how can we use him most effectively.

,[He’s a] Really talented player, and we are looking for the right time, but without a doubt he can help this team.”

The match represents an opportunity for this American team to announce itself as a rising force in the international game. It’s an opportunity the US midfielder hasn’t missed Tyler Adams,

“It’s really cool to see how much a tournament can change the attitudes of people who support football,” he said.

“And I think we had a goal coming into the tournament; the farther we go, the more support we’ll gather, and that’s what we want.

“We want the generations and generations to come to have that support behind them. So when we can play an attractive style, and fight and represent the country in the right way, you go to gather that support.” Have been.”

In the months before the tournament, Berhalter said that the US coaching staff studied the teams in Group A, which included the Netherlands, in anticipation of reaching the knockout rounds.

And since the tournament began, he said the U.S. has had several scouts at the Dutch Games and was presented with a full scouting report on his team after defeating Iran.

Berhalter said the US practiced penalty kicks on Thursday and would revisit the match on Friday to prepare for the possibility of a shootout.

Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal said before the World Cup that he had not studied the US team, but after watching the team play against wales To start the tournament, they judged it to advance to the knockout stage.

“The USA has demonstrated that they have an outstanding team,” said Van Gaal, speaking in Dutch and translated through a FIFA interpreter. “I would even say one of the best teams. A team that is in good shape and it’s going to be a very tough match.

“But it’s nothing we can’t overcome. I mean we have a good team as well. We’ll have to wait and see which one of the two teams is the best.”

During his 30-minute news conference, Van Gaal denounced the scrutiny he and his team had received domestically during the tournament and pointed out that Berhalter had received similar backlash in the United States.

“What I see is a vision [from Berhalter], ” Van Gaal said. “I see that there is a team that is keen to execute that vision, which is extremely important. And I see the conviction, especially the conviction of the players. So that should be fantastic for a coach.”

Van Gaal also admitted that the day before the match the Dutch national team was struggling with many weak players in the group.

According to Van Gaal, several international players had “flu symptoms”, possibly caused by the air conditioning. “But if it moves around in groups, it’s worrisome.”

He declined to say how many players were involved. “But not fifteen.”

Berhalter said the coaching staff was also battling flu-like symptoms upon arrival, which he attributes to air conditioning.

“We also had this, I don’t know [about] Players, you guys didn’t have that right?”

Adams said he did not.

“I’m good,” Adams said.

Berhalter said: “But the staff, almost every staff member had it. I was the first week or two; really, really bad.

“But now it’s much better, breathing better and things are good. So for the most part, it’s good for the team.

“Tyler says they’re good. So I guess we’re good.”

Van Gaal also praised the development of football in the United States.

Van Gaal said, “Well, it’s typically American, I would say they develop faster and they have many players in European top clubs.”

“So, it goes without saying that they will perform and get these results.

“It’s a process and maybe [fans in the] USA didn’t expect that from this squad, but I think if you look at them, it’s pretty clear they had their chances and they’ve shown us that. I don’t think it’s any surprise that it’s so obvious.”

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