Watch: How To Eat Sushi The Indian Way; Funny Video Makes Foodies Relate

Watch: How To Eat Sushi The Indian Way; Funny Video Makes Foodies Relate

The culinary landscape of our country is an ever expanding one; we are welcoming new international cuisines onto our lives every day. One of the most famous cuisines that has been enjoying a raging fan base in the country is the East-Asian cuisines like Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese dishes. While the love for K-dramas and Korean boy bands have made tons of teenagers go gaga over ramen and Kimchi over the years, the other half is in awe of the flavour profile a well curated sushi platter holds. However, if you are a fan of these dishes, you must know these require a certain skillset to be devoured. A skill, we Indians are not very comfortable with – that is holding chopsticks. It is quite difficult for a beginner to learn the ropes of using chopsticks, let alone enjoy a full sushi platter with the help of the same.

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A hilarious video captured this exact issue in a super relatable and funny way. If you are an Indian and do not know how to use chopsticks, you could sneak a piece or two into your mouth, you just need to be quick and unnoticeable like the food blogger in this video. In an Instagram reel shared by ‘pune_food_blogger’ we can see him try and gobble sushi the ‘Indian way’ by using his hands, how can you do the same? Take a look:

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The funny video has been a hit with viewers and has garnered over 1.7 million views, 96.6k likes and 618 comments. The comments left on the video are in support of this Indian way of enjoying sushi. “Totally relatable” read one comment while the other one read “I do the same”.

Another comment left on the video was “In first few seconds, I literally observed you how you eat. How you are holding the sticks because I thought you are teaching us how to eat sushi. But at last, honestly, l am not disappointed at all. I am more than happy the way of yours to eat sushi (sic).”

Other funny comments left on the video were “Now even if I know to use a chopstick, I’ll still be eating a sushi with my bare hands”, “Iska maja hi alag hai” (This is so much fun), “Why so much effort, when we can have it in a easier way” and “Yup that’s how its done”

While many agreed that eating with hands is way more comfortable when you are new to using chopsticks, Japanese food enthusiasts also confirmed that sushi is in fact eaten with hand in Japan too. “Let me tell you, he is correct, Sushi is meant to be eaten by hand – a Japanese approved,” read one comment.

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Have you ever been caught trying to eat sushi the Indian way? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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