Watch: Street Vendor’s ‘440 Volt’ Super Spicy Omelette Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Watch: Street Vendor’s ‘440 Volt’ Super Spicy Omelette Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

There is no doubt that egg is one of the most versatile ingredients in our kitchen. Boil it, grill it, fry it, or use it as a snack, salad or curry- the options to experiment are endless. But one of the most common things that we make with an egg is an omelette. And why not? It is easy and quick to make. Plus, it fulfils your hunger in no time! And if it is filled with a bunch of veggies and a bit of extra spice for that zing, it is even better! But would you ever add a handful of chopped green chillies in your dish to get that fiery taste? Sounds a bit too much, right? But if you are someone who would be intrigued to try this super-hot omelette once in your life, then a street vendor has just what you need!

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In a recent Instagram video uploaded by @delhifoodnest, we can see a street vendor making a ‘440 volt’ chilly omelette. The video begins with the vendor breaking two eggs in a bowl. Then he adds a handful of green chillies, masalas and onions in the egg and whisks it. As he pours this mixture on a pan to cook it, he also adds two pieces of bread and some tomatoes. Once the omelette is ready, he tops it with mayonnaise and ketchup and serves it on a plate. As per @delhifoodnest, the street vendor has his stall in Sitaram Bazar, Chawri Bazar, Delhi, and sits by the name of Sikander Omelette. The price of this is INR 60. Take a look at the making of this dish here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 475K times, has 28.7K likes and hundreds of comments. Some people have commented that it looks tasty and would want to try it. Others have written that too-much spice in any dish can lead to stomach problems.

Some users have also called this a wastage of food since it would be hard to digest this spice level.

What do you think about this spicy omelette? Would you like to try it? Let us know in the comments below!

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