Weekend Binge: Take Out Time To Try These Five Prawn Snacks This Weekend

Weekend Binge: Take Out Time To Try These Five Prawn Snacks This Weekend

Prawns are a go-to food choice for all the seafood lovers out there. While many people categorise prawns and shrimps together, they have one big difference. Prawns come only from freshwater and are larger and meatier than shrimps. They also carry amazing nutritional benefits, making them a hit among health experts. Prawns are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the heart-healthy. They are most liked as a snack, although you can make prawn curries too. Those embarking on a weight-loss journey go for prawns as they are low in calories and high in protein.

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If you are thinking of relishing prawns as a snack, here’s what you can do with them this weekend. They are great for a family get-together or when you have friends coming over.

1.Karwari Prawns

Fried prawns look incredibly attractive. They also taste divine. This amazing snack is made after marinating the prawns in a delicious mix of flavours. You can team the dish with your favourite chutney.

2.Chilli Garlic Prawns

The recipe is similar to chilli chicken. Prawns are fried and then cooked well in a chilli garlic sauce. Lip-smacking is the word.

3. Yera Sukha

Flavoured with star anise and stone flowers, both carrying immense health benefits, this recipe is a must to beat the winter chill. Kerala spice star anise is high in antioxidants and has multiple medical applications.

4.Cha Chu Prawns

Hot and crispy, this recipe, carrying egg white and chicken seasoning, serves as the perfect starter for the weekend dinner. Team it with a variety of chutneys.


5.Kerala Fried Prawns

Prawns are quite popular in Kerala. This simple recipe calls for prawns to be fried in coconut oil with the added aroma of curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric and chillies.

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