Weekly Horoscope (09-15 Jan): How will this week be for all 12 zodiac signs, who will get lucky – Weekly Horoscope Saptahik Rashifal 09 To 15 January 2023 Know Predictions Of All Zodiac Signs



The people of Aries will have to rely on karma instead of luck this week. At the same time, refrain from taking any major decision in a rush or under the influence of emotions, otherwise you may have to repent later. In the beginning of the week, you will get opportunities to work out of the box, which you should take full advantage of. During this, they can get great success, who were wandering in search of livelihood for a long time. If you manage to maintain your self-confidence during this period, then you can get desired success not only in career but also in business. A long or short distance journey in the middle of the week in connection with business will bring desired profits, but you should avoid risky investments in business this whole week. Those who were running ill for some time will see a good improvement in their health by the end of this week. However, you will continue to need to maintain your diet and routine. Love relations will remain normal with sour-sweet disputes. Married life will remain happy.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva with rituals and chant Shiva mantra daily.


This week is going to be mixed for the people of Taurus. At the beginning of the week, there may be some big expenses suddenly, due to which your budget may go awry. During this time you may have to fight with your loved ones to get your rights. If possible, instead of going to the court, settle the matter of dispute related to ancestral property or any other land-building through negotiation. This week, the mind of the students who study and write may be distracted from studies, but to get the desired success in the examination-competition, hard work is the last option for them, they have to understand this. The second half of the week is going to be auspicious for business people. During this, you will be able to take advantage of the boom in the market and your credibility will be built in the market. Caution is expected in love relationship this week. In such a situation, take any step in this direction only after thinking. Married life will remain normal. The mind will remain somewhat worried about the health of the mother.

Remedy: Worship the rhinestone Shivling with white sandalwood daily. Donate sugar or rice to a needy person on Friday.


The people of Gemini will have to be very careful this week while answering someone or taking any major decision. This week, a small mistake of yours or say a small mistake in taking a decision can become the reason for your big regret. This week, neither get into disputes with others nor argue unnecessarily with anyone in your house. Whether the matter is related to home-family or in the workplace, listen seriously to your senior and if things are not in your favor, express your disagreement with great respect. Keep in mind that a light talk on a controversial topic can land you in trouble. However, in the second half of the week, you will see solutions to all the problems related to life and during this time you will get full support of your best friends and colleagues. During this, you will need to spend keeping your pocket in mind. Love relations will be normal. Avoid ignoring the advice of your spouse in married life.

Remedy: Worship and serve Tulsi daily. Donate makeup items to a eunuch on Wednesday.


The people of Cancer will need to make more hard work and efforts this week to complete the planned work on time. The mind will be a little sad for not getting the expected cooperation from the relatives. People wandering in search of desired employment may have to wait a little longer. On the other hand, it would be appropriate for employed people to mix both senior and junior in their workplace this week. Students associated with examination-competition will get desired results only after hard work. The second half of the week will be slightly better than the first half. During this time, with the help of an influential person, it will help in solving the matters related to power and government. During this, do not ignore the opinion of your elders or well wishers. Be careful while doing business transactions and avoid risky investments. Remove any misunderstanding in love relationship by dialogue instead of dispute. in hard times

Your life partner will stand beside you like a shadow and will be your support.

Remedy: Worship the crystal Shivling daily and chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra with Rudraksha rosary.


This week is for good luck for the people of Leo zodiac sign. Your efforts made for career and business this week will be completely successful. You will overcome any major difficulty related to life with your discretion and intelligence, due to which your mind will get a lot of relief. If you were planning to buy and sell land and buildings for a long time, then this week your wish will be fulfilled. You will also get desired benefits in this deal. Your senior’s blessings will shower in the workplace. It is possible that you will also get the responsibility of a big project. You can get desired promotion or transfer. Time is auspicious for those working on commission or contract. Leo people associated with business will get special benefits this week. He will become a threat in the market. Health will be normal. Love and harmony will increase with the love partner. Married life will remain happy and you will get opportunities to spend moments of laughter and happiness with your spouse.

Remedy: Worship Shri Lakshminarayan Bhagwan daily and recite Vishnu Sahastranam.