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in group stage 2022 world cup is in full swing, as 16 teams look to win a spot in the knockout bracket,

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The top two in each group will qualify for the round of 16, but how are the teams separated in the table? It works like this.

1. Group Points

this is easy. Teams are ranked on the basis of their total points from the first three matches. There are 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and zero for a loss.

2. Group Goal Difference

Unlike UEFA competitions Champions League, The head-to-head record is not the next tiebreaker. This is just basic group goal difference – goals conceded minus total goals scored.

3. Group goals scored

If goal difference is equal, the team with the most goals in the group stage will be ranked highest.

This is where it starts to get a bit more complicated.

4. Head-to-head record

If teams have an identical group record for points, goal difference and goals scored, we play them head-to-head to separate them.

if two teams are equal

It’s simple, as you look at the result of that one group game. Did one of the two teams win that match? If this happens, he will be given the highest position. If it was a draw, we go straight to point 5 to split them.

if three parties are equal

It’s more complicated, because you can’t just use individual results because there are three matches to take into account. Effectively, you create a mini-league of only three sports involving three nations.

This mini league is ranked by
4a) digit
4b) Goal difference
4c) scored goals

If only two teams are still level at the end of this stage, there is a direct head-to-head. No Implemented and these two teams go to point 5 alone. The third team is now locked in position.

If all three teams are still level, the order is decided by 5 points.

If all four teams are equal

It will not be possible to separate them head-to-head and the group will be determined at point 5.

5. Fair Play Record

If a team has the same record after the head-to-head stage, the position is decided by the fair play record.

– Yellow Sheets: minus 1 point
– Indirect red card: minus 3 points
– Direct Red Card: minus 4 points
Yellow card and straight red card: minus 5 points

Only one of the above deductions is applied to a player in a match.

The team with the most points is ranked highest.

Fair play records were required only once to separate the teams, in the 2018 World Cup.

, Japan And Senegal were on the second level with four points
The goal difference of both was zero.
– Both scored four goals
– So it came into fair play, Japan on -4, Senegal on -6.

6. Creating Multiple Images

If it is still level after calculating the Fair Play Points, the only step left is the drawing of lots.

Basically, it is a random draw made by a member of the World Cup Organizing Committee who is not from any one country. This will be a public draw, with two balls placed in a pot. The team drawn first will be the one with the highest rank.

While this was required in the 1990 World Cup, fair play was not introduced as a tiebreaker until after the 2014 edition.

Republic of Ireland (II) and Netherlands (3rd) finished with identical records and required a draw to decide group position – although both countries qualified for the round of 16.

A lottery may be drawn for any of the major positions, including the first and second place finishers, to determine the route to the knockout brackets.

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