“What We Do In The Shadows”: Best Characters, Ranked


What We Do in the Shadows has many colorful characters in New York Cit-tay, ranging from vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and even Babadooks.

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Each character brings a lovable charm and talent to the show that has made it an underrated classic. As a huge fan of the show, I’m happy to show you my ranking of the characters from What We Do In the Shadows. Just for the record, this list will focus on characters from the show and not from the film. No disrespect to Viago and his crew.



Jeff Suckler/Gregor/Jesk

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Nadja became interested in Jeff before the series began, as he is the reincarnation of his former lover, Gregor. Nadja cheats on Laszlo with him, but she soon finds this modern incarnation of Gregor boring and insufferable (hilariously mispronouncing his name as “Jesk”). She thus helps him regain his memories as Gregor, and from then on, he basically acts like Thor and continues fighting for Nadja until Laszlo accidentally decapitates him.



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As the vampires’ next-door neighbor, Sean frequently crosses paths with the main cast and has had a complicated relationship with Laszlo. At first, Laszlo was annoyed talking to Sean and ended up hypnotizing him on numerous occasions, but he now sees Sean as his “sweet cheese” and his “good-time boy,” whatever that means. But he’s more than just a regular side character. He’s shown to have a love for football and his wife Charmaine, a nasty gambling addiction, and the world’s largest collection of Ocean’s Twelve memorabilia.



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Originally meant to be food for the vampires, the virgin LARPer Jenna ends up being turned into a vampire by Nadja after the latter takes pity on her. Naive and awkward, Jenna serves as a hilarious foil to Nadja as she tries to teach her the ways of the vampire in Season 1. Objectively, Jenna has a tragic fate as she becomes a bloodsucking murderer, but she still comes out of her shell and finds the strength she longed for as a vampire.


Simon the Devious

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Nick Kroll appeared in two episodes as the aptly-named Simon the Devious, a vampiric nightclub owner obsessed with stealing Laszlo’s cursed witch skin hat. On top of that, he’s known for his skills with archery and his ragtag crew of amazingly-named vampires. Though Simon was presumed dead in Season 2, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he came back in the future. He’s just so devious.


Nadja’s Ghost

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If you thought Annabelle was bad, let me introduce you to this little doll. In Season 2, we saw the vampires meet their ghosts, who ended up in limbo after they all became vampires. While the other spirits left, Nadja’s ghost chose to stay with her undead counterpart by possessing a doll and has since become a recurring character. She’s pretty much the same as Nadja, but she serves as a loving companion for her for the times when she can’t stand anyone but herself.


The Guide

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Initially appearing in a single episode in Season 1, the Guide became a recurring character after the main group became leaders of the Vampiric Council in Season 3. As a neurotic and loyal servant to the council, she struggles to serve her new masters and meet their radical demands. But in Season 4, we learn that she only serves the council as punishment for having sexual relations with Van Helsing, which explains her attraction to his descendant, Guillermo.


Baron Afanas

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This ancient vampire arrives at the group’s house in the pilot, demanding they conquer the New World under the threat of death. However, the Baron hilariously lets himself loose one night when he goes out into the city with the vampires, and they get high on drug blood. He thus reveals his true colors to the other vampires when he laments not having children due to his lack of genitals. Though Guillermo accidentally kills him by exposing him to sunlight, the Baron survives and is brought back with just his head, arm, and torso in Season 3.


Guillermo de la Cruz

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Guillermo has served as Nandor’s familiar for over a decade in the hopes that he will become a vampire like Armand from Interview With a Vampire. However, he began to question becoming a vampire after learning he is the descendant of Van Helsing and that he is a vampire-killing prodigy. Guillermo has grown a lot throughout the series, as he has asserted himself more and spoken out against the mistreatment inflicted by Nandor and his friends, and he has shown them that they’d all be lost without him. However, Guillermo still finds himself stuck in his codependent relationship with them because of his desire to become a vampire and his possible crush on Nandor.


Nandor the Relentless

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Once the ruler of Al-Quolanudar, Nandor the Relentless now serves as the self-proclaimed leader of the household he shares with Laszlo, Nadja, and Colin Robinson. His main interests include pillaging, holding house meetings, and the NBA. However, Nandor recently spent his time searching for a soulmate and coping with his depressing loneliness, and he has begun to crawl out from his dark place.


Nadja of Antipaxos

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As Laszlo’s wife, Nadja struggles to live with the other bumbling men she lives with on Staten Island. But she has often proven to be just as toxic and dimwitted as them. Nevertheless, Nadja is a strong but bizarre member of the group, as she frequently tells sad and hysterically strange stories about growing up in her childhood village. Though she loves Laszlo, she longs to make something out of her eternal life and has become a high-ranking leader in the Vampiric Council and recently opened her own nightclub.


Colin Robinson

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Unlike his vampire friends, Colin Robinson is an energy vampire who feeds off people’s life force by boring them with long-winded conversations, making him the outlier of the group. He reaches the peak of his hilarity when he basically becomes Dr. Manhattan and drains the energy of his coworkers after getting promoted. Though Colin Robinson died in Season 3, we see him reborn as an infant that Laszlo chooses to raise as his own.


Laszlo Cravensworth

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Laszlo is hands-down the funniest character in the entire show due to his sexual antics, distinctive English accent, and witty one-liners. Even amongst the other vampires, Laszlo is a straight-up horn-dog, as he has topiary sculptures of vaginas and a century’s worth of porno films that he starred in. Nevertheless, Laszlo has shown a lot of growth and humanity over the series, as shown by his kindness towards Colin Robinson in his last year alive, his caring for Baby Colin, and his good deeds as Jackie Daytona. Don’t get me wrong, Laszlo’s a jerk like the rest of his vampire friends, but he has his moments.

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