Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Have Any Eyebrows


Fact: You’ve seen Whoopi Goldberg‘s face hundreds — if not thousands — of times over the course of your life.

So take a second and really look at Whoopi’s face. Do you notice anything specific that, maybe, you’ve never noticed before?

Specifically — her lack of eyebrows?

Yup, that’s right — Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t had any eyebrows for basically her entire career. She’s been shaving them off herself since she was a kid!

Whoopi herself revealed the fact on a recent episode of The View, during a segment where the hosts discussed the “no-brow look” that’s been trendy amongst celebrities like Doja Cat and Kendall Jenner.

The latest beauty trend has celebrities bleaching and shaving their eyebrows, but #TheView’s @WhoopiGoldberg was ahead of the curve! https://t.co/cVclFZyKV0

@TheView / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheView

When Whoopi revealed that she’s been rocking the look for basically forever, her co-hosts were stunned. Sara Haines said that she previously “never noticed” it, while Ana Navarro pronounced herself “today years old” since she knew.

“Listen, what you can see on my face, you know where they went,” Whoopi replied while explaining why they previously never noticed. “You know where they are. You see. So when you’re looking at me, your eye sees eyebrows when there are none.”

Whoopi also shared that she was once married to someone who didn’t even notice her lack of eyebrows until they were already hitched.

“I was married to a man who did not notice until one day he said, ‘Oh my God, you don’t have any eyebrows,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I know.'”

Whoopi explained that the practice of shaving off her eyebrows began when her mother removed them for her as a child.

“I had eyebrows as a little kid,” she said, “and you know how men get those bumps? I started to get them on my face, so my mother removed them.”

“And so I just keep doing it because I don’t know my face with eyebrows unless I’m working — they put them on and take them off.”

Word. Keep doing you, Whoopi — and let it be known the world over that you’re a true trendsetter.

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