Why Carrie Underwood Blocked Billy Eichner


Last summer, two of my favorite celebs — Billy Eichner and Carrie Underwood — made headlines after Billy revealed that the country superstar blocked him.

“Did you ever find out why Carrie Underwood blocked you on Twitter?” the fan asked.

“Carrie Underwood blocked me from Twitter, which I consider a great honor. It was one of the great thrills of my life,” Billy said.

“Jesus, follow me back on Twitter,” Billy said, referencing Carrie’s hit “Jesus Take The Wheel.”

“During the height of COVID, she retweeted a speech about how kids shouldn’t have to wear masks in schools, letting her political views be known for the first time,” he said.

Billy was probably referring to Carrie liking (not retweeting) this anti-mask tweet, which drew backlash at the time.

“I guess I made some jokes about that that went viral on Twitter, and she didn’t like that.”

Welp. Well, besides, you know, the block, Carrie has not responded to Billy, but we’ll update you if she does. And you can watch more of Billy’s WWHL appearance here.

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