Why Danielle And Nick From Love Is Blind Divorced


Danielle Ruhl got candid about the reason she’s divorcing her Love Is Blind costar Nick Thompson.

As you probably know, the pair were married for a year before filing for divorce this summer.

In an Instagram post, Danielle opened up about the reason for their split, explaining that there was no infidelity or other drama in their marriage, despite some speculation.

“I know a lot of people are wondering why we ended our relationship,” she said. “It really did come to just personality compatibility differences.”

She continued: “And again, like, people think, ‘Oh did someone cheat? Did this happen or this happen?’ No, and I think that’s what makes it even harder because you do live in this kind of — at least, for me — I live in this state of denial, where it’s like, yeah but we love each other but — I don’t know if anyone else relates — but, like, you can still love each other and try your best to move on.”

Still, Danielle added that it’s been “really hard.” We were very amicable and civil at first and that’s why people were kind of confused with some of the back-and-forth that happened, but going through the divorce process added even more stress and it’s tough on both of us, I’m sure.”

Another thing that frustrated her, she said, was seeing people she knows IRL engaging with negative content about her on social media. “Posts that were like, ‘She’s crazy. She has issues. She has self-esteem issues. She should never be in a relationship,'” Danielle said.

While she acknowledged that Nick had nothing to do with that, she found his response to it frustrating.

“That’s what made me really upset because he didn’t really respond when I said, hey, this is happening,” she explained. “And again, that’s not on him. I shouldn’t care. This is not a, I-hate-Nick thing. Like again, I care for him. I’m just trying to explain why things went south.”

“Because again, like, when we decided to separate, it was a mutual decision. Like it was something we had talked about. It wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing, even though it seems like that. Like, we tried really hard.”

“And again, we were just like, you know what, I think it is in our best interest, and I need to get out of the what if mode because hindsight is 20/20 right? It’s tough.”

Oof. Well, all the best to them!

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