Why Iran got penalty but not Harry Maguire


We’re Analyzing Every VAR Decision Made in All 64 Games in the 2022 World Cup

After each game we take a look at key events to examine and explain the process in the context of VAR protocol and the Laws of the Game.

VAR overturn: Pourliganji fined for stone pelting

What happened: In the 10th minute of extra time, Iran A free kick was awarded, which swung into the area but came to nothing. But on VAR, Uruguayan referee Leodan Gonzalez was reviewing a possible penalty.

VAR Decision: penalty, scored by Mehdi Teremi,

VAR Review: This is the sort of decision that fans really dislike with VAR making what appears to be an irrelevant incident – ​​especially when a more obvious incident earlier in the game didn’t lead to VAR intervention.

When a free kick is played in the penalty area, Murtaza Pourliganji went to challenge for the ball but his shirt was pulled John Stones, It was a minor stretch and it is questionable whether the Iran defender had any effect.

even in the first half harry maguire wrestled to the ground by Rozbeh Cheshmi,

So, what’s the difference for VAR? An important consideration is whether an attacking player can be prevented from challenging for the ball; Ergo, would he have had a chance to play the ball without the challenge? This is not the only factor, as a penalty may still be awarded for holding, but the VAR will put a large amount of stock on it.

Furthermore, Maguire also had his arm around Chesmee, which will also be taken into account by VAR.

In Maguire’s case it was held that even with the offense committed by Chesmee, the ball was not at immediate play distance. So england The player was not barred from competing for the ball.

As with Poraliganji, the ball was passed close to him, which meant that Stones’ shirt pull was considered to prevent an opponent from challenging for the ball.

Match referee Rafael Kloss watched the incident for a long time on the monitors and decided to go by the VAR’s advice. No one would like to see such minor breaches being penalized throughout the tournament. Is it really clear and obvious?

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Dale Johnson explains why Ecuador had a goal in the World Cup opener vs Qatar in confusing circumstances.

VAR reversal: Valencia goal disallowed for offside

What happened: Ecuador thought they had taken the lead against hosts Qatar in the third minute Ener ValenciaBut there was a lengthy review for offside.

VAR Decision: Target not allowed.

VAR Review: It was the right decision, although it wasn’t exactly obvious to fans and the 3D visualization took a long time to show up.

When a free kick is played in the area, Ecuador Protector Felix Torres Challenge: Queue goalkeeper saad al-sheeb, the ball fell Michael Estradawho took him back to Torres to score the goal for Valencia.

However, when Torres got a touch on the ball (the direction in which it travels, forwards or backwards, is irrelevant) Estrada had a foot ahead of the second-last defensive player, who was abdelkarim hassan,

The review took longer than a regular offside check because the offside VAR, Tomasz Listkiewicz, had to be certain the ball had come off Torres. Without him, Estrada would not have been offside.

Al-Sheeb’s touch before the ball comes off Torres’ head is of no relevance to the offside decision – the stage for every other player’s offside position is determined by the touch by Torres. It is also irrelevant whether the attacking player means to play the ball the way he has it.

Additional confusion ensued with Estrada being obscured by Torres and Al-Sheeb, and another defender close to the goal. Fans naturally look for the last defender, which can be confusing when the goalkeeper is ahead. There must be two opposition players between the attacker and the goal, usually the goalkeeper and a defender. In this situation, only one defender was ahead of Estrada; Al-Sheeb wasn’t even the second-last defensive player in this case, it was Hassan (who was also blocked from seeing by Torres and Al-Sheeb.)

It was actually a very simple and clear offside decision after the touch from Torres was confirmed, Estrada was clearly ahead of Hasan, but there was a lack of clarity on this for too long. also with FIFA’s semi-automatic offside technologyThe time taken to provide clarity to the fans should be improved.

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