Why Japan’s winning goal vs Spain was awarded by VAR


We’re analyzing every VAR decision made in all 64 games Feather 2022 world cup, VAR awarded significantly Japanwinning goal against spainThe ruling ball was not out of play.

After each game, we take a look at key incidents to examine and explain the process in terms of both VAR protocol and the Laws of the Game.

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Total Reversal: 21
Flip Rejected: 1

Leading to goals: 6
Leading to rejected goals: 9
Penalized: 7 (Missed 4)
~ for holding: 2
~ For Handball: 2
Cancellation of penalty: 1 (offside)
Goal disallowed for offside: 8
Goal after wrong offside: 2
red card: 1

VAR reversal: ball in play for Tanaka goal

What happened: Japan thought they had scored the second goal in the 51st minute come on tanaka scored as kaoru mitoma cut the ball over the goal-line, but the assistant’s flag went up as the ball was out of play for the goal kick.

VAR Decision: Goal, ball in play.

VAR Review: For VAR to overturn the decision of Mexico’s Fernando Guerrero, the assistant, he must have definite evidence that part of the ball is over the line. Importantly, it is not just about the ball touching the ground. The curvature hanging over the line matters too, even if a very small portion of the ball is doing so.

We haven’t seen any clear evidence that the ball was touching the line when Mitoma cut back to Tanaka, meaning this is a notable VAR decision to go against the on-field call. Granted, there are angles that suggest part of the ball might are overhanging the line, but it doesn’t really seem like enough.

It could be that subsequent pictures are eventually released, perhaps only from the VAR cameras inside the goal, but for now fans are being left to speculate whether the decision was the right one.

it turned out to be the knockout goal Germany out of the World Cup.

FIFA’s lack of communication regarding the reversal of VAR in this tournament has fully exposed the disconnect between the system and the watching fans; Clarity is never offered at any juncture. Unlike the Premier League, where the VAR feed is shared to broadcasters during review, FIFA controls the output. If VAR is to truly gain acceptance, the line of communication line has to be vastly improved.

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