Why the penalty was dismissed for Denmark


We’re analyzing every VAR decision made in all 64 games Feather 2022 world cup, Find out why the referee denied Denmark a VAR penalty on Monitor.

After each game, we take a look at key incidents to examine and explain the process in terms of both VAR protocol and the Laws of the Game.

– Full review of World Cup VAR: analyzed every decision

VAR reversal disallowed: Handball by Meria.

What happened: In the 93rd minute, Denmark A corner is won and the ball is hit Yasin Meria before it even came out of the box. VAR introduces review for handball.

VAR Decision: No penalty, review disallowed for another foul in the buildup.

VAR Review: Full marks to the Mexican Referee Cesar Ramos, who overruled the advice of the VAR, Fernando Guerrero, to award a penalty for handball because he saw that Denmark’s mathias jensen raided taha yasin khensi On the ground as soon as he turns the corner.

The referee has all options open to him on the monitors, and he has the authority to penalize the first offense if he sees an offensive infringement before the incident has been highlighted by the VAR.

On a handball itself, a penalty may be awarded even if the ball has passed the body of the defender before hitting the hand of a defender. The deflection from the body does not automatically cancel out a potential handball offence. If the hand is away from the body, it can still be penalized with a deflection. But in this case the referee chose to call a foul against Jensen which came before the handball.

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