Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Meghana Raj opens up on why she named her son Raayan; Reveals its meaning

Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Meghana Raj opens up on why she named her son Raayan; Reveals its meaning

Meghana Raj has been a renowned actress for both her personal and professional life. She has given us several iconic movies, while her love life with late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja has always dished out major relationship goals to couples. Interestingly, Meghana and Chiranjeevi also have a son together Raayan who was born months after the actor’s demise. During her recent conversation with Pinkvilla Woman Up, Meghana opened up on why she named her son Raayan and what does it mean.

In her interview, Meghana said that the name Raayan has always been her first choice. “The minute he was born, everyone was like, “The prince has arrived”. The entire fan base, family members, friends everybody was calling him the prince. That was my thing that I have to name him something which relates to a prince. The minute Raayan arrived, there was a different happiness in the family, be it Chiru’s side or my side, people started changing and there has been a sense of peace we have never seen before.”

Furthermore, Meghana explained the meaning of the name Raayan and said, “When I came across the name Raayan, it had two meanings. So, one is a prince and one is gates of paradise. That is when I decided there can’t be a better name for him. So, it has to be the prince who has opened the gates of paradise to us”.

During the conversation, Meghana also opened up on why she named her name on social media and added Sarja to her name. She said, “When something like that happens, you try to do everything to cling on to that person. So, the first thought that came to me after a couple of days was, he was always telling me, ‘why haven’t you changed your name on Instagram, why haven’t you added Sarja?’. And I was like, ‘I’ll do it, you wait. I’ll do it’ and it never happened. So, I was like he has told me to do something and I haven’t done it yet, let me do it now. So, everything was happening in an involuntary way”.

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