Wondering how Taylor Lautner met fiance Taylor Dome? Actor REVEALS it all

Wondering how Taylor Lautner met fiance Taylor Dome? Actor REVEALS it all

On a new episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, via ET, Twilight star Taylor Lautner opened up about his relationship with fiance Taylor Dome. He revealed that “Tay” was in fact not Team Jacob but instead had the hots for the vampire Edward Cullen. When Kelly brought up the dreaded question, Lautner confirmed, “Yes, she was” then added, “She’s made up for it.”

During the interview, The Home Team star went on and wittingly added, “I’m allowing her to make that mistake.” Lautner quipped, “It’s in her past. So, she’s good now. But she was not Team Jacob, unfortunately. Still love her!” The Abduction star also disclosed details about how he met Dome. Lautner shared that it was indeed his sister who has introduced the couple to each other, “She always said she was going to introduce me to my future wife,” 

The Jacob Black actor continued, “And she actually did. She was like, ‘I have an idea. Throw a game night, invite me and some of my friends over, and I’ll bring Tay. She’ll just be one of them and you guys can meet.’ We hit it off and the rest is history.” 

Check out Taylor and Taylor’s engagement snap below:

For those unversed, Lautner bend the knee last November and proposed to Dome, a registered nurse. Interestingly, Lautner popped the question while bending down in their kitchen. As bizarre as that sounds, Lautner explained that Dome did not want anything extravagant and had told him earlier to “just do it in the kitchen” but Lautner had other plans as he transformed their “just kitchen” into nothing less than a lavish assortment of all things extra with roses, candles and even a neon sign spelling out “Lautner” in red.

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