Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2023 Abhimanyu trapped between akshara aarohi abhinav in stress for abhir yrkkh


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Suwarna says there is no work today, you have engagement, you are looking very beautiful. Dadi says we have seen you stumbling and falling, may you never face any obstacle. Surekha says enough is enough, Abhi and Manish will get scared if the makeup gets spoiled. Anand says call Aarohi here, Kairav ​​gets angry at the manager. He turns and sees Muskaan.

Debt over

Akshu asks Pandit to sit. Neela gives fruit and asks Abhir to eat two bananas from it. Abhir says mamma is not scolding him, are we dreaming. Neela says yes, dreaming. Abhinav gives a file to Akshu. She says yes, this house was your dream and we had to mortgage it.

The house was named after Akshu.
Abhinav takes Neela’s blessings. Abhinav asks Akshu to check the file once. She says you want your lawyer wife to check the papers then its fine. She checks and sees her name. He says this house is yours, when I was alone I used to sleep in the car, now I like to return home because of you, I just wrote the name on the paper.

Aarohi got blessings –
Ruhi showers rose petals on the stairs. Manjari kisses Aarohi and applies kajal. She blesses Aarohi. Ruhi says don’t cry, everyone is happy. Surekha asks Mahima where is Parth. Mahima says he has gone out for some work. Surekha asks when will he come back, he should be in brother’s engagement. Mahima says that brother is also not in his sister’s engagement. Abhi holds Aarohi’s hand and takes her to the stage. Rose petals are showered on them.

Abhinav and Akshu unite
Abhinav and Akshu sit in the puja. Pandit says pooja is for strengthening the relationship of husband and wife, take this red dupatta and make your wife wear it. Abhinav makes Akshu wear dupatta and smiles. Abhi says I promise, I will respect you and support you always. Aarohi puts her hand forward. Abhinav makes Akshu wear mangalsutra.

Precap: Abhi gets Abhir’s audio message. Abhir plays football. Akshu and Abhinav cheer for her. He wins. He suddenly faints. Akshu shouts.

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