“You Are Our Valentine If…”: Mumbai Police’s Choose “Your Type” Tweet

“You Are Our Valentine If…”: Mumbai Police’s Choose “Your Type” Tweet

Valentine’s Day: Commissioner of Police, Mumbai’s posted a funny tweet on Valentine’s day.

Policing is a serious job, and the common man doesn’t normally associate fun and humour with it. But Mumbai Police has proved time and again how humour can go a long way in law enforcement. Witty, hilarious and often sarcastic, their social media posts are always on point when it comes to relaying hard-hitting messages and cracking you up at the same time. And on Valentine’s Day, the Twitter handle of the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai Police, posted a seven-second animated clip that plays some golden rules of being a good citizen and staying safe, in every sense of the term.

The clip says, “You are our valentine if…” and the options appear one by one, in quick succession. They go from “wear mask”, “are double vaccinated”, “wear a helmet while riding”, “don’t share your OTP”, “drive with valid licence”, “don’t drink and drive” and “have a strong password”. The post is captioned, “If you want to feel safe, find a valentine like this. Screenshot to find out your valentine”.

No one can match the Mumbai Police when it comes to ingenuity in raising awareness on various issues. Last year, during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, on quite a few occasions, the Mumbai Police used fun and quirky messages on social media to reach out to people to spread information and awareness.

On one occasion, they gave a musical twist to their social media posts while urging residents of Mumbai to stay at home. They asked people to keep themselves entertained by listening to popular songs from Lady Gaga, One Direction, BTS and John Legend.

In the second instance, they asked a person to stay at home in a unique through a post on Twitter. It all began with a user asking the police, “Sir, my name is Sunny. Can I go outside?” The response was epic. “Sir, if you are truly that star at the centre of the solar system, around which Earth and the other components of solar system revolve, we hope you realise the responsibility you are shouldering. Don’t compromise it by exposing yourself to the virus please,” wrote the Mumbai Police.

The Mumbai Police used wit and humour in another ingenuous post last year to emphasise the need of staying at home to stem the rise of COVID-19 cases. The message with the caption, “Kyunki Har Message Ka Reply Dena Zaruri Nahin Hota Hai!” (Not every message necessitates a response!), showed a screen displaying realistic mocks of WhatsApp conversations.

From following road safety rules to COVID-19 related norms, the Mumbai Police surely does know how to hammer home vital messages on its various social media platforms.

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